We Have All 7 Of These Precious RETIRED Taco Bell Dogs! Right Here. These are the originals, the 7 that started it all! Supplies are very limited so Order Now!


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These adorable 7 talking Chihuahua dogs are available right now,   but you better hurry, they go fast!  They are the hottest plush item around, and are in high demand.  They make great gifts, and collectors items.  Left to Right:  "I think I'm In Love" the first dog will say with a rose in it's mouth.  "You are getting hungry, very hungry!" the next dog will say with a hypnotizing voice, this one sits back for a meal, with a kerchief tucked into its collar.  The next dog is a cool dog, it says "How cool is this?", it has a white t-shirt with the taco bell dog logo on it.  The fourth dog has a red "Santa-hat" with a fuzzy ball at the end, it is a great Christmas time gift that is lying down saying, "Feliz Navidad Amigo!".   The next dog is the original talking Taco Bell Chihuahua.  Standing on all fours, It is the simplest dog that says the classic line, "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!".  The second to the last dog is the dog that you may have seen in a commercial as a sort of leader, leading people into the taco revolution, for the new gorditas.  This dog with its black hat, with printed on it, the Taco Bell logo, speaks an echoing "Viva Gorditas!".   The dog farthest to the right, with the FREE TACOS sign was also a TV commercial star!   When the new Godzilla movie came out, this dog began trying to capture this large monster--In a box...So luring the giant "lizard" into the box with tacos for bait this one says "Here Lizard, Lizard!".   Keep in mind that the "Here Lizard, Lizard!" dog has sold out by the boxes!  It is the rarest to find, and you will find it right here along with all of these desirable collectors items!

Only $39.99 plus $5.99 for priority mail (2-3 day delivery), within the U.S.A.  All of these fine MINT CONDITION dogs, come to you in original, un-opened packaging, anywhere in America or The World.   Payments methods accepted are Visa/Master Card, Discover Card, or certified check. 

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